PATH first opened its doors in September 2012 as a ministry of Harbor Church.  In 2016, PATH was impacted by the crazy real estate market in Seattle when its building was sold.  As a result, PATH relocated just a few blocks south to an Evangelical Free Church and is now operating in that church but as a ministry of Sanctuary Christian Reformed Church.  PATH is truly the result of some beautiful ecumenical collaboration!  We are committed to providing a safe, fun, healthy environment of learning and play for all families.  

Curriculum and Goals.

We believe that young children learn best by doing, and by finding activities that they plan, carry out, and reflect upon.  Learning at PATH is not simply repeating what someone else says; it requires active thinking and experimenting to find out how things work and learn firsthand about the world we live in.  The role of the adult, then, is to plan activities based on the children's interests, facilitate learning through encouragement, and engage in positive adult-child interaction strategies.

Mornings at PATH are full of play, stories, singing, art, sensory learning, activity centers, and games.  We want all children to learn at their own pace and in the ways that re best for them, helping them develop good habits and attitudes, especially a positive sense of themselves which will make a difference throughout their lives.

We want children to learn and grow socially, emotionally, cognitively, and physically.  We're always on the look-out for key experiences that guide the teacher in supporting and extending the child's development, including creative representation, language and literacy, social relations, movement, music, number, space, and time.

PATH utilizes Creative Curriculum and High/Scope Educational Approach as well as Second Step for social emotional learning.  

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Every morning my four year old wakes up and asks if it is a preschool day.  He LOVES his teachers and new friends.  Their love and care for his  growth means so much to me as he ventures into a bigger world.  I know it takes a village to raise kids - and I'm just so thankful to have PATH be par of that "village" that invests in my family!

Katie Lucero, parent

Our Staff
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Gwenneth Kunde, lead teacher


Gwenneth was born and raised in Ferndale, WA.  She graduated from Western Washington University with a degree in Special Education and a minor in child development.  Gwenneth has taught in Bellingham, Everett, and Seattle Public Schools.  She has taught at PATH Preschool since it opened in 2012.

Gwenneth is married and has two adult children: Kevin and Hannah. She lives in Seattle with her husband Bob, and her mother Carol.


Gwenneth enjoys gardening, singing and playing violin
in a quartet and the Rain City Community Orchestra.

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Michelle Jones, assistant teacher


Michelle was raised in Michigan and North Carolina.  Inspired by astronomy and excited by spaceships, she pursued a degree in aerospace engineering.  Her career was barely off the ground when she was already predicting a switch to education following engineering.  To that end, she began graduate studies in mathematics... which isn't so necessary when your students end up being preschoolers!  Michelle has been happily reading storybooks and counting with energetic and enthusiastic PATH kids since 2016.  Her favorite moments are listening to the kids share random details and stories about whatever is on their minds!


After too many years in Texas, Michelle and her husband Blake are happily settled in Seattle with their PATH-graduate son Kai.  Michelle enjoys running, dancing, reading, and drinking coffee.  She still gets really excited about math and spaceflight.

Autumn Pulver, assistant teacher

Autumn was born in Seattle and  has 4 children, 3 of them PATH  preschool graduates. Prior to  teaching at PATH, she spent most  of her career in HR management  for a high tech startup. She loves  the energy and simple happiness  the preschool children and  teachers show up with every day.

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Mark Mohrlang, pastoral director


Mark is pastor at Sanctuary, where he has served since 2007. He holds a Masters of Divinity degree from Fuller Seminary, is an ordained Pastor in the Christian Reformed Church, and is currently pursuing a D.Min through Western Theological Seminary.


Mark & Summer's kids (Allister & Amelia) both attended PATH, and for 5+ years, Summer served as the director of the preschool, bringing her many gifts to serve PATH and the teachers. As Summer transitioned to a new role outside of Sanctuary, Mark stepped in as the director - and is deeply committed to doing whatever he can to allow these fabulous teachers to do what they do best: Teach!


Mark can be found on occasion, wandering through the playground with his guitar, playing "Baby Beluga."

Abuse Prevention & Reporting

As part of our commitment to safety PATH operates in accordance with Sanctuary's Policy for the Prevention of Abuse. Should you have specific questions about our policy or its implementation at PATH or should an incident occur that needs to be reported, please contact PATH's Preschool Director, Rev. Summer Mohrlang (206-478-7520, smohrlang@sanctuarycrc.org) or Sanctuary's Council President (206-422-8692, president@sanctuarycrc.org)